How is iTV Production able to make this TV advertising package so affordable?

What's the Offer

iTV are offering 250 spots on Free to Air Television anywhere in Australia. You also get a fully produced TV commercial including voice over, graphics and music delivered to broadcast TV.  Whether your budget is $15,000 or $250,000, iTV can produce a high value TV advertising package that will connect with your consumer target and motivate them to take action.

Get your brand seen on Free to Air Television now!

It’s a great opportunity to see the added impact TV can have on your business. 

iTV Production, with its unique and innovative media buying capability is able to offer exceptional value for small and mid-sized brands. Combine that with the strategic insights gained as a result of launching more new advertisers onto TV than any other agency in Australia and you get maximum value, maximum bang for your buck and maximum chance of success.

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How does the $15K TV Advertising Package work?

  • Plan your TV Commercial

    A successful TV ad requires a successful plan. Never forget your call to action so your viewers know what to do after watching your TV commercial.

  • Storyboarding and Scripting

    Once we determine what your TV ad needs, we write the script and develop a storyboard.

  • Video and Audio

    We produce the visuals to go with your script, voice actor and choose the right music to best sell your ad.

  • Broadcast

    Once you are happy with your final edit, we send off the TV commercial to the broadcaster.

  • Media Buying

    Who is your target audience and demographics? Will it be screened during children’s programming? Who should be watching your TV ad? We figure all this out for you.

  • Tracking your investment

    We develop strategies to track the performance of your TV advertising so you know how it’s working for you!