How do I get my free high quality music tracks for my next production?

What's the Offer

Whenever you are engaging iTV for a video production, be it corporate video, TV commercial or a internet video, we are offering up to 5 professional music tracks to be included for video production. There a no licensing fees, unlimited amount of time for use on your video, no hidden extra fees and CD quality tracks.

What types of music tracks are available?

  • Pop tracks
  • Cinematic scores
  • Classic Rock
  • Energetic music
  • Ethnic sound scares
  • Hard rock & Heavy Metal
  • Peaceful tunes
  • Pop Electric music
  • Techno beats
  • Uplifting scores
  • Urban R&B tracks

Call us 03 9525 5913 to find out more about of your free music tracks!

How to enhance your production with music;

  • Creative Development

    Choose music that suits your video production project and have in-mind your target audience.

  • Audio Editing

    When it comes time to edit, this is where storytelling through music really shines, so our music editor will choose a selection of music to work for your production.

  • Final Video Delivery

    Once your production is complete, we release the music rights to your video production. You now own the copyright to use that track for your video production for as long as you want. You just can’t re-use the track for another production or sell it off for money.